Official website coming soon

I *could* post a screencap of what our official company site is going to look like, but that doesn’t really jive with my jib. Instead, I shall describe it in prose:

Night has fallen, and color with it. Clouds above are foreboding. Is it rain? It is unknown. The uncertainty is discomforting, and a lack of confidence follows. You can’t help but think, ‘Is my business or brand really exuding it’s personality to our audience? How do small start ups become household names?’ All at once, a beacon of red swoops in with mighty wings and an art deco fist. ‘Tis the great banner of the FPM, and it is here to guide you through the symbolic night that is actually just a generic allegory to your sense of uncertainty about your online video needs. And you can click on stuff.

Sorry… that kinda broke down at the end. Anyway, As soon as it goes up, I’ll post the news… which will be ironic because you will actually go through the site to get to this very blog:

❤ Cory


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